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We live in turbulent socioeconomic times


Rapidly advancing Industrial Revolution 4.0 transforms current places of work by replacing people with robots. This is possible due to high level of sophistication of the contemporary Artificial Intelligence. It starts to resemble its human counterpart to an out-of-the-uncanny-valley degree. It is highly probable that we will soon witness scenarios straight out of Stanisław Lem’s (one of the Poland’s finest sci-fi writer) novels.

Thanks to solutions provided by companies operating on the Internet of Things market, we now have an opportunity to directly communicate with objects in our surrounding. It’s part of the ‘Smart revolution’: Smart Cities, Smart Industry, Smart Cars… which have the goal to maximize the efficiency and to minimize the power usage of everyday processes – communication, shopping, working or leisure.

We witness the rise of cryptocurrency that slowly but steadily starts to influence the way we transfer funds. This process of decentralization of everything is connected to the rise of the Sharing Economy – which promotes sharing over possessing items; think Uber, Airbnb, Netflix or Spotify.

It is also now possible to affect the way we perceive reality – through Artificial and Virtual reality technology. The first one expands our natural view with holograms – just like in Star Wars. Those visual bits of information can play many different roles in our lives. VR in turn replaces our worldview completely. Instead of reality we gain access to “the otherland”; to digital worlds of somebody else’s creation.

Paying close attention to all of the aforementioned processes, at headtrip we focus on the very last two. Our mission is to promote the technologies of VR and AR among business, institutional and individual clients.

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