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Our journey began in a shopping mall in Cracow where we launched one of the first VR arcades in Poland. Our aim was to introduce the technology to the widest audience possible.

Having spent many hours discussing various VR & AR matters with our guests, we have discovered both the expectations and the concerns related to the development of virtual and augmented reality.

We have noticed that people from different walks of life - including architects, teachers, engineers or doctors - all had an idea on how implement the artificial realities into their fields of profession.

Gradually we started bringing some of those ideas to life. We have co-produced projects in partnership with universities, cultural & non-governmental entities and business.

We have developed a know-how that we would like to share with you today.

What do we do?

Can you imagine everyday life without the achievements of modern technology such as computers, smartphones or tablets? We cannot either. You may wonder now: what exactly does it have to do with virtual and artificial reality?

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For many, VR & AR is a "technology of the future" - although fascinating, it is still regarded as highly mysterious and controversial. But wait - was it not also the case with previously mentioned devices?


Having this in mind, as people with hands-on experience with VR & AR, our goal is to share our know-how with others and inspire them to take action.

How do we do it?


We take your hand and introduce you to the world of VR & AR. Depending on your background and your needs, we can guide you on how to: design the space of entertainment or work, provide you with specialist hardware or advise you on which software to utilize.



Together with our partners (independent development studios and freelancers) we deliver complex applications - virtual classrooms, real-time VR archviz or training modules, to name a few.



headtrip runs trailor-made training sessions during which you get an opportunity to gain practical experience with the VR & AR.



We deliver immersive, interactive solutions which will make your brands' history come alive during exhibitions, marketing or corporate events.

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